Can You Win Free Spins On Mahjong Ways?

When it comes to slots games, the majority of them have standard features like free spin and bonus rounds. However, some slots have unique features that you won’t find in every other game. For example, can you win free spin on Mahjong Ways slot? If you love playing Asian-themed video slots, then this article is perfect for you. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to win free spin on Mahjong Ways slot as well as its bonus round and special features.

How To Win Free Spin On Mahjong Ways Slot?

When you play Mahjong Ways, there are two ways to win free spins. First, is when you are on a winning spin, you can get an additional spin at a cost of 5 coins. This will give you an extra spin which could lead to an even bigger winning combination. Second, you can win 10 spins at the start of the game. This is the scatter feature and is activated when the scatter tile turns up 3 or more times on the screen. When the free spin feature is triggered, you will have 10 spins that can be re-triggered. Mahjong Ways has a very simple and easy-to-understand game play. Once you know the rules, it is a game that can easily be played for hours on end. Mahjong Ways slots is a great game for beginners, as it has a high RTP percentage of 96.09%.

Unique Feature In Mahjong Ways Slot

Mahjong Ways slot has a wild symbol, free spins feature, and an expanding wild feature. When the wild tile appears, it can expand over the entire screen and cover up all the tiles except the scatter symbols. This can lead to multiple combinations and a much bigger winning payout. The wild symbol can also substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. The wild feature, wild symbol, and expanding wild feature make Mahjong Ways slot a unique slot game. This slot game can be enjoyed by both new players and experienced slot players. Mahjong Ways is a great slot game and is one of the favorites of many players. If you love slots with wild features, then Mahjong Ways is the slot game for you.

Mahjong Ways is a great slot game with high payouts and an exciting expanding wild feature. If you love slots and Chinese-themed games, then Mahjong Ways is the slot game for you.